Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weddings Are We

we went to a wedding last night. nicholas' big brother's wedding. no, i don't have an older kid. nicholas is involved with Big Brothers of America. it's excellent. he and brandon both have big brothers through them. and it has enhanced and changed their lives. i'm blown away by that, because it seems so afterschool special, doesn't it? but it's not. it's really not.

so i didn't cook. oh, i was gonna. we were going to be home by about 6:30 and i was going to make the tilapia then. however, i had a tire shredding incident on the way home from the wedding. at night. on a barren highway. AAA is also a god to me. knights in shining armor, man. totally. so by the time i got home, not only was cooking not an option, but i was wasted and out of it. i think my sons will forgive me. i hope you will, too.


Stace said...

Yikes! Tire shredding! That is awful!

You looked soooo pretty on Saturday BTW, I love that outfit. The AAA guys were hitting on you, weren't they? Yep. Knew it.

PalateScriber said...

stacey, what would i do without your amazing belief in me? WHAT?! :o)

Stace said...