Saturday, October 13, 2007


'kay, first of all, the next book we picked out was one that is something we cook out of a ton. it's my absolute favorite food in the world and what blew me away about this book when i got it was how accessible it made something i revere to the point of NEVER deviating from the recipes to try my own thing unless i've cooked them time and time again. i worship this woman for doing this cookbook, truly, and if i ever meet her, i am totally picking her brain. here's the book:

LET'S COOK JAPANESE FOOD! Everyday Recipes for Home Cooking by Amy Kaneko

the dish: MAYUMI NO RORU CABEGI or Mayumi's Cabbage Rolls
cabbage rolls. in all of my life, this dish has always been one of my least favorites... and it's not the cabbage. i'm all about cabbage. it's the stuff that always goes inside, really heavy meat, rice, sauce, whatever -- i always lose the cabbage. so taking on the cabbage rolls for me -- and my sons, who don't really like cabbage -- and turning them into something we like or anyone could like was a challenge. so... let's see.

oops, gotta go take the boys to football. i'll be back and finish this up.

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